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This years list has 23 entries and so far just one albeit a biggie has been enacted. In April, Gov. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 3, which will raise the states minimum wage in stages to $15 per hour by 2022, giving labor unions and their allies a rare job killer win. Roughly half of the remaining 22 appear to be permanently stalled, while the others are still alive or have been amended enough to have the chambers label removed. One of those in limbo is Senate Bill 1166 , carried by Sen. a knockout postHannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, on behalf of the Legislatures Womens Caucus. It would expand the states family leave law, and the chamber says it would be a big burden for employers. SB 1166 cleared the Senate easily but stalled in the Assembly Labor Committee, whose chairman, Roger Hernandez, had been the target of a Womens Caucus demand that he take a leave of absence after his former wife accused him of violent abuse. Later, after a restraining order was issued against Hernandez, Speaker Anthony Rendon removed him from the chairmanship, and with a new chairman, Tony Thurmond, the committee is likely to move SB 1166 along next month, or it will be folded into a different bill. The biggest of the remaining job killer bills, however, is Senate Bill 32, which the Assembly rejected last year.

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