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Example blog post alt A professional disc golf company has already been consulted about the project, however the official design of the course has not yet been finalized. Some tall pine trees may need to be cut in order for the fairways to be created, but Fraley is hoping to incorporate some of the existing landscape into the course. But we want to be able to give local homeowners the privacy they deserve, he said, adding the majority of the wildlife corridor will remain intact, and some buffers will be created to ensure that frisbees do not land on residential property. Once the design of the course is completed, select cutting will take place on the parcel to create the fairways and access to trails, said Fraley. A new entrance to the park will be constructed along an old logging path, and recreation staff and volunteers will be used to build the course this spring, which will include tee pads and baskets. The golf holes will be arranged around existing wetland areas, and a 50-foot buffer will exist between the course and nearby houses, added Fraley. The Amherst Board of Selectmen and Amherst School Board have already approved the project, which Fraley hopes will be ready for use, at least in part, this spring or summer. see this hereAn official name for the park has not been chosen. Planning board member Michael Dell Orfano said he had some reservations about the property being accessed at night, questioning whether police will be patrolling the area.

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Applications must be returned by 5 p.m. on Feb. 10. that siteSHARE A HAIRCUT WITH THE HOMELESS For every haircut purchased at Hair Cuttery on Feb. 6 and 7, a free haircut certificate will be donated back to a homeless adult or child in the community. To distribute the certificates to those in need, Hair Cuttery will partner with local shelters and community organizations. The program kicks off its 18th year in February, and Hair Cuttery hopes to reach thousands of homeless people in the neighborhoods it serves. FRATERNITY HOSTS TALENT PROGRAM The Tau Rho Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity will hold its annual talent program at Shiloh Baptist Church (Old Site) on March 26 at 3 p.m. Fredericksburg-area high school vocal and instrumental music students are encouraged to participate. Money will be awarded to the top three finishers in vocal and instrumental categories.

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course for curriculum vitae

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