Background Answers For Critical Factors In Job Negotiation

Shown here, Mr. Eliasson lays a wreath in a ceremony to honour the memory of staff killed in the 2003 attack on the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq.UN Photo/Devra Berkowitz In 1980, Olof Palme, the Swedish Prime Minister, asked me to help him mediate in the Iran-Iraq war. He was given the function of Special Representative on Iraq-Iraq, and I was a relatively young diplomat, who had known him a little bit because I was working with the Vietnam War when I was in the US, and he was extremely interested in that issue. He asked me on 11 November 1980 to come along to New York on his first trip and then go on his shuttle diplomacy Since then, I have been going at this pace for 36 years! interview skills journalism News: What jumps out beyond your decades of service in the international arena, is your background. You were born in the midst of the Second World War, in humble circumstances far from the trappings of international diplomacy and yet here you are, the second-highest official of the United Nations what comes to mind when you reflect on that? Jan Eliasson: The feeling I have when you describe this is simply gratitude. I am extremely grateful that I was given this opportunity, that I was born in a country where, at that time, it was possible for a person from my background to have an education.

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Compensation Grade E Min: $62, 217.67 / Mid… New research suggests that people who ask for a precise salary instead of a round figure are perceived by employers to better know their worth. Also check out our job offer assessing tool, The Job Assessor, in order to compare job offers. Do your homework. Can unused holiday days be carried forward into the next year, or will they be lost if not used? A How-to Negotiation Guide, author Marianne L. Step 1. What are others earning in your field, at your level?

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